The restaurant scene in London has never been hotter. Big name chefs and restaurants from all over the world have their eyes on this city, new trends are popping up all the time and areas previously devoid of decent food are becoming hot culinary destinations.

One of the “must to go” new hottest places is CHICAMA located in the electric neighborhood of chelsea. 

From the founders of Pachamama (read my experience here) , Chicama takes on the best of Peruvian cuisine follows a no meat approach which by the way, even the most endeavor carnivores will love it.


The head chef Erred Nathaniel and all the staff are versatile and unique enough to warrant attention.  The restaurant has been designed with sharing in mind, where a number of small plates may replace a main dish. Foodie lovers like me, would love this idea as you can try many dishes at a time. What they call "small plates" are actually quite generous so we ended up on a #FoodComa.

As well as an abundance of fish, there is a varied range of vegetable dishes, featuring lots of chilli and lime. 

The Mussel curry with coconut milk was one of my favs. I literally drank all the remaining sauce leaving the bowl complexity clean. The Grilled prawns and the fresh lemon sole are top! Obviously, you must try the CEVICHE!!!!! so god!


Even though you will be satisfied with the dishes, do not, I say it again, do not skimp on dessert. They are absolutely delicious. As a sweet potato fan, I went for the sweet potato tart yoghurt. 


The restaurant also features an outdoor terrace. Really convenient to enjoy an outdoor lunch on a sunny London day (If you are lucky)

We had:

  • Crispy aubergine, plantain miso and pecans.
  • Seabass ceviche with nori tiger’s milk, wake, kiwicha and sea asparagus.
  • Mussel curry, fresh turmeric, onion, ginger, coriander, coconut milk.
  • Grilled prawns, toasted almonds, yuzu kosho dressing.
  • Market fish on the grill (Lemon sole)
  • Sweet potato tart yogurt.

I can’t wait to go back to London to delight my taste buds with a brunch in Pachama (specially for the sweet potato waffle and the quinoa waffle) or another peruvian lunch at Chicama.



383 King’s Road
SW10 0LP,

Contact us:

020 3874 2000

Mon - Sat 

12pm - 4pm & 6pm – 11pm 


12pm - 4pm & 6pm – 10pm